About Us

Shaanxi Yimai Trading Co., Ltd.

we are a sealing technology company with more than 20 years of experience in sealing products.

Business Philosophy

I with modest attitude, practical steps, step by step toward the front, diligent and dedicated work attitude for their own responsibility to advance.

Our Spirit

We take the socialist core values as the criterion, and the spirit of harmony, integrity and innovation as the target.

Corporate Responsibility

We create excellent products for customers, we provide customers with efficient service.

Product Quality

Welcome to yimai company, we are a sealing technology company with more than 20 years of experience in sealing products.
Over the years, pioneering and innovative, pragmatic spirit and maintain the stability of sealing product quality, the pursuit of continuous progress has been a vein of the company's principles. From the beginning of simple nature o-rings production to now can produce all kinds of mechanical end face seal and seal skeleton oil seal, hydraulic pneumatic, machine tool guideway anti-wear soft belt, cell to circle, the stern seal, seal, phenolic resin oriented zone, v-shaped combination seal, water seal, dust ring, sealing gasket, packing and all kinds of static seal, etc., And some special size, special material seals customized to meet the diverse needs of the market.


To keep pace with The Times and create the future, we take the builder as the enterprise mission, research and development and innovation as the breakthrough, to cultivate the core competitiveness as the business philosophy, people-oriented management mode, so that the company will develop into a trans-regional and large-scale enterprise.

Corporate Mission

Timely Quotation
Strict Production
Quality Assurance
On Time Delivery

Our Skills & Expertise

As a modern enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales, Yimai company has professional product research and development testing center, several advanced production and testing equipment, and modern automatic warehousing logistics center. The employees of the company have many years of hydraulic system sealing experience, can provide you with cost-effective and satisfactory sealing solutions in your design, selection, production and sales process.

We can do timely quotation, strict production, quality assurance, on time delivery. Taking advantage of these advantages, a line of company products in the field of sealing technology has been worldwide.

We hope that we can bring the traditional industry into a new pattern, just as we have been pursuing for many years, using technology to enhance the efficiency and value of sealing components, and achieve the true home of sealing components.