Piston Seals

Piston Seals or Piston Rings are used in hydraulic cylinders for fluid sealing. They are internal to the cylinder head and seal against the cylinder bore, preventing fluid from flowing across the cylinder head. This allows pressure build up on one side of the piston, making the cylinder extend or retract. Yimai Sealing Solutions offers a wide range of piston seals that provide the ultimate in leakage control. Our proprietary piston seal designs meet users’ requirements for low friction, compact form and simple installation. A hydraulic piston seal or piston ring is usually manufactured in our Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based material or polyurethane. Specially engineered for fluid power applications, these compounds provide exceptional resistance to wear and outstanding extrusion properties. Compatible with virtually all media, they demonstrate unrivalled performance at extremes of temperature.
  • Piston Seals DAS are double acting seals

    Piston Seals DAS are double acting seals

    The guiding and sealing functions are achieved by the seals themselves in a very small space.
    Suitable for use in mineral oil HFA, HFB and HFC fire resistant hydraulic oils (maximum temperature 60 ℃).
    Seals are easy to install
    Simple integral piston construction.
    The special geometry of the NBR seal element allows installation without distortion in the groove.

  • Piston Seals B7

    Piston Seals B7

    Abrasion resistance is very good
    Resistance to squeeze out
    Impact resistance
    Small compression deformation
    Easy to install for the most demanding working conditions.

  • Piston Seals M2 is a reciprocating seal

    Piston Seals M2 is a reciprocating seal

    The M2 type seal is a reciprocating seal that can be used for both external and internal circumferential sealing, and is suitable for harsh conditions and special media.

    Can be used for reciprocating and rotating movements
    Adaptable to most liquids and chemicals
    Low coefficient of friction
    No crawling even with precise control
    High corrosion resistance and dimensional stability
    Withstands rapid temperature changes
    No contamination of food and pharmaceutical fluids
    Can be sterilized
    Unlimited storage period

  • hydraulic cylinders piston Seals OE

    hydraulic cylinders piston Seals OE

    Designed for pressure on both sides of the piston, the slip ring has pressure guide grooves on both sides to accommodate rapid pressure changes.
    Very high pressure stability under high pressure and harsh conditions
    Good thermal conductivity
    It has very good extrusion resistance
    High wear resistance
    Low friction, no hydraulic crawling phenomenon

  • Piston Seals CST

    Piston Seals CST

    Each pressing part of the combined seal ring has excellent performance.
    Small wear rate
    Use two seal rings to prevent extrusion
    The initial interference is designed to protect the seal performance at low pressure
    Sealed rectangular geometry is stable

  • High quality Piston seals EK

    High quality Piston seals EK

    This seal pack is used for harsh and harsh operating conditions. Currently mainly used
    In order to meet the needs of providing maintenance spare parts for old equipment.
    V-type sealing group EK type,
    The EKV can be used for pistons with pressure on one side, or
    A “back to back” installation is used for sealing systems with pressure on both sides of the piston.
    • Able to withstand extremely harsh conditions
    - Long service life
    • Can be optimized to adapt to the use of the corresponding equipment
    • Even if the surface quality is poor, it can meet the sealing requirements for a period of time
    • Not sensitive to contamination of hydraulic media
    • There may be occasional leakage under certain conditions for structural design reasons
    Occurrence of leakage or friction.