Application of sealing ring in robot industry

In the robot industry, rubber sealing rings are also widely used, including but not limited to the following: 1. Joint sealing: The joints of robots often need to be sealed. Rubber sealing rings can ensure that liquid or gas does not leak when the joints move, ensuring the normal operation of the robot. 2. Protective sealing: When the robot is working, it is often necessary to prevent dust, moisture, chemicals and other external substances from entering the interior. Therefore, rubber sealing rings can play a protective sealing role in the robot’s shell, connectors and other parts. 3. Hydraulic sealing: Hydraulic systems are common in robot motion control. Rubber sealing rings are used to seal liquids in hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves and other parts to ensure the reliability of the hydraulic system. 4. Air sealing: Some robots need to achieve air sealing in specific working environments, such as operating in a vacuum environment. Rubber seals can be used in air sealing applications such as air sealing in robot grippers. 5. Sensor sealing: Robot sensors usually need to be protected from interference from the external environment. Rubber sealing rings can provide sensor sealing protection to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the sensor. The application of rubber sealing rings in the robot industry is very important and plays a vital role in the normal operation, reliability and safety of robots. With the continuous development of robot technology, the performance requirements for rubber sealing rings will also continue to increase.

Post time: Oct-19-2023