Principle and application of skeleton oil seal

The skeleton oil seal is divided into three parts: self-tightening spring, sealing body and strengthening skeleton.

The sealing principle of the skeleton oil seal: Because there is an oil film controlled by the edge of the oil seal between the oil seal and the shaft, the oil film has fluid lubrication characteristics.

Analysis of the sealing principle: Under the action of the skeleton oil seal, the rigidity of the oil film just makes the contact end of the oil film and the air form a crescent surface, preventing the leakage of the working medium, so as to achieve the sealing of the rotating shaft. The sealing ability of the oil seal depends on the thickness of the oil film on the sealing surface. If the thickness is too large, the oil seal will leak. If the thickness is too small, dry friction may occur, causing oil seal and shaft wear; There is no oil film between the seal lip and the shaft, which is easy to cause heat and wear. Therefore, in the installation, it is necessary to apply some oil on the sealing ring, while ensuring that the skeleton oil seal is perpendicular to the axis line, if not vertical, the sealing lip of the oil seal will drain the lubricating oil from the shaft, which will also lead to excessive wear of the sealing lip. During operation, the lubricant in the housing oozes slightly to form at the sealing surface.

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Post time: Dec-14-2023