What is the knowledge of ultra-high pressure seal popular

What is the knowledge of ultra-high pressure seal popular

Ultra-high pressure seal is also divided into static and dynamic seal, if the hydraulic system is divided into pipeline seal and hydraulic components seal. Hydraulic components in common hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, etc. 

The sealing principle of ultra-high pressure seals.

Ultra-high pressure sealing principle and high pressure hydraulic components or hydraulic system sealing principle is not essentially different, it is also the use of seals to block the fluid flow channel to prevent leakage and sealing; for non-contact gap seal, the same use of liquid flow process gap channel, resistance, pressure loss, to the gap exit end pressure difference is close to zero, close and no leakage and the formation of seals, it is different from the general pressure situation The difference is that the seal material belonging to the blockage must be able to withstand the extrusion or impact of the ultra-high pressure force; the seal belonging to the gap, the gap value is much smaller than the general pressure gap seal value.


Post time: Mar-13-2023