Basic knowledge of hydraulic machinery and step seals in pumps

The step seal is composed of step seal and O-ring.
The performance and reliability of hydraulic machinery and pumps depend largely on the performance of seals, of which the piston rod seal and the piston seal are the basic sealing devices. Step combination seals (step seals plus O-ring seals) are one of the most commonly used piston rod seals and are also used in piston seals.
Hydraulic machinery and pump in the step combination of seals its performance characteristics:


Hydraulic piston seals for step combination seals

1. Pressure ≤(MPa) : 60/MPa
2. Temperature: -45℃ to +200℃
3. Speed ≤(m/s) : 15 m/s
4. Sealing material: NBR/PTFE FKM
5. Mainly used in: piston rod in hydraulic machinery, standard cylinder, machine tool, hydraulic press, etc.

As a key sealing device such as piston rod seal and piston seal, if there is a leak, it will definitely affect the normal operation of the machine and cause environmental damage. Therefore, the stepped combination seal not only under static (static) seals, but also under dynamic (dynamic) seal conditions is possible to achieve minimal leakage.
In addition, the friction power consumption and wear life of the sealing equipment also have a great impact on the working quality of the mechanical system. The leakage, power consumption, wear life and other key properties of the stepped composite seal and the mechanical properties of the seal under working conditions are closely related to the pressure and distribution of the contact surface between the seal and the piston rod (or cylinder wall). It is about the influence of mechanical system operating parameters on the mechanical properties and working conditions of seals.

Post time: Oct-25-2023