How important is the installation clearance of the floating oil seal?

Floating oil seal can withstand the impact of greater rotation speed when used, and has a strong ability to prevent leakage and anti-fouling. The principle is that the axial force generated by the elastic deformation of the O-ring makes the end faces of the metal ring close to each other and slide relative to each other. As an important part of the floating oil seal, the rubber ring not only has a pressing effect on the floating seal ring, but also plays a role in preventing leakage by static sealing. Therefore, the force of O-ring can directly play a key role in the operation of floating oil seal.


Mounting gaps can result in different rubber ring compression rates. The reaction force directly on the end face of the floating seal ring plays a key role in the formation of the oil film on the sealing surface. The finite element test of floating oil seal O-ring shows that the compression rate of O-ring increases linearly with the increase of installation load. Therefore, during the installation process, if there is a replacement of product specifications, product brand or product design, etc., it is necessary to communicate with the corresponding technical personnel in a timely manner. Prevent oil leakage due to improper installation clearance.

Post time: Dec-05-2023