Influence of bevel Angle of floating oil seal on sealing performance


To study this problem, we assume that when the floating oil seal reduces the bevel Angle of the cone, it can reduce the pulse of the floating oil seal ring’s engagement ring caused by external impact, improve the axial force of the sealing meshing surface and keep its axial force from changing sharply due to the increase of the axial clearance of the system. But at the same time, when the cone Angle is small, it is easy to cause the skew of the rubber ring on the cone during the assembly process, and the extrusion of the seal seat port on the rubber ring, it is difficult to ensure that the seal mesh bright belt is in the correct position in the assembly. Therefore, the size of the floating oil seal seal ring taper should be designed with the compression of the rubber ring and other factors to achieve a better installation effect. At the same time, the assembly should also be used with the floating oil seal special installation tool to ensure the correct meshing of the two sealing rings.

Post time: Dec-05-2023