Understand the general knowledge of mechanical seals

What kind of seal is a mechanical seal? What principle does it rely on to prevent internal leakage?

First of all, the mechanical seal is a mechanical shaft seal device, which is a composite seal assembled by a plurality of seals.

The mechanical seal is made by a pair or several pairs perpendicular to the shaft, the relative sliding end face under the action of fluid pressure and the elastic force of the compensation mechanism, to maintain the joint with the auxiliary seal, and to achieve the leakage resistance of the shaft seal device.

The common mechanical seal structure is composed of static ring, rotating ring, elastic element spring seat, setting screw, rotating ring auxiliary seal ring and static ring auxiliary seal ring, and the anti-rotation pin is fixed on the gland to prevent the static ring from rotating.


Rotating rings and stationary rings can often be called compensated or non-compensated rings according to whether they have axial compensation capability.

Mechanical seals have excellent sealing performance, but also has good heat resistance and self-lubrication, so the coefficient of friction is relatively small, coupled with a simple structure and easy installation. So it is widely used in many fields of mechanical manufacturing.

Post time: Oct-25-2023