Radial Oil Seals TC is widely used

Product Advantages:

OiL Seals TC  is widely used in various fields of ordinary industry
The outer edge of the oil seal is reliable, even if the roughness of the park in the seat hole is large or thermal expansion and the use of open cavity, it can also seal the medium and gas with low viscosity.
With dust lip, prevent general and moderate dust pollution and dirt from the outside.

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Product Introduction

Oil seals TC


Product Features:
Outer edge of oil seal: rubber wrapping
The sealing lip is fitted with a spring
With dust lip
The front end face of the sealing lip is machined
Sealing lip molding finished

Recommended applications:
Industrial gearbox
Axis (moderate pollution)
Electric tools

Range of Application
Oil Seals TC axis with skeleton oil seal is widely used in processing industry, engineering machinery and equipment used in motor and gear box axis seal, mill and heavy in the mechanical transmission parts, stretching the spring increases the sealing lip on the axis of rotation of the light to force, shaft, differential seal used in hub, bridge, cars, excavators and other agricultural machinery and engineering mechanical transmission system of industrial gear box, Sealing of hydraulic components (pumps, motors).

Packing and storage of skeleton oil seal

The size and number of oil seals delivered to you vary. Generally with bags, rust-proof paper, corrugated cardboard boxes and other packaging. To prevent rust, adhesion of foreign objects or damage, please do not open the seal before immediate assembly.

Storage precautions
When storing the oil seal, please pay attention to the following:
① Please do not open the original package, for fear of adhesion dust and damage.
② Please do not be exposed to sunlight for a long time, ultraviolet rays will accelerate the aging of rubber.
③ Please do not place in wet places, wet environment will make the outer circumference of the metal oil seal and oil seal with spring rust.
Do not place it near high temperature heat sources such as boilers and furnaces, because heat will promote rubber aging.
⑤ Do not bind the oil seal with a string and hang it on a nail or metal line, which will cause deformation of the oil seal and damage to the lip end.
⑥ For the oil-sealed occasions that have been opened and not used, please prevent rust and prevent sand, dust and other foreign bodies from attaching and mixing.
⑦ When using and handling the oil seal, in order to prevent the deformation of the oil seal and the spring from falling off, please do not give excessive impact.

3. Storage period
The storage period of the oil seal is shown in the following table, please use it as the storage period in the warehouse

Product  material


Storage period




Rubber overall product

Nitrile butadiene rubber(NBR) 10year
Acrylic rubber(ACM) 20year
Silicone rubber(VMQ) 20year
Fluororubber(FKM) 20year


Rubber burning products

Nitrile butadiene rubber(NBR) 10year
Acrylic rubber(ACM) 10year
Silicone rubber(VMQ) 10year
Fluororubber(FKM) 10year


Technical Details















Ø – Range Pressure Range Temp Range Velocity
0-2000 mm 0.05Mpa  -55°C- +260°C 40m/s

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