Wiper A5 for axial sealing

Product Advantages:

The raised lip on top effectively seals the groove
The reinforcement design with pressure relief function
Low wear and long service life
Suitable for heavy load and high frequency conditions

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The function of A5 dust-proof ring is to prevent dust, dirt, sand and metal debris from entering, through a special design to achieve, it can greatly protect the guide parts, prolong the working life of seals.

The A5 dust ring is installed without head screws or brackets. No strict tolerances are required, and no metal inserts are required. Dustproof ring is supplied by continuous ring, which is very easy to be loaded into the groove and should avoid pressure on the back of the seal.

Wipers A5 dust rings are easy to fit into relatively simple grooves. Should avoid dust ring lip and piston rod hole or other connecting parts contact, but the dust ring is best installed outside the shell, so that the dirt is easy to remove.

The standard material is NBR rubber with Shore hardness of about 90 A, nitrile rubber is best used in mining equipment. For high temperature and chemical media, it is recommended to use fluorine rubber dust ring.Wipers A5 dust ring is easy to be taken out of the assembly groove under high speed and long travel conditions. Please use carefully.

Design Specification

A5 type dust ring is made of high-performance polyurethane material accurately injection molded, high wear resistance, damage resistance, can prevent pollutants and moisture from entering the sealing system, at the same time can scrape off certain pollutants, remove the residual oil film on the piston surface.
Unique structure design makes the dust ring root has a special space to store oil, can effectively prevent heat, prolong the sealing life.
Specially designed spine arrangement, can play a good role in high pressure exhaust, effectively prevent the impact of trapped pressure. Special top lip design effectively prevents external contaminants from entering the tank from the bottom of the groove.

Technical Details















Ø – Range Pressure Range Temp Range Velocity
5~1000  0 -35℃~+100℃ ≤ 2 m/s

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