X-Ring Seal quad-lobe design

Product Advantages:

The four lobed design provides twice the sealing surface of a standard O-RING.
Because of the double-sealing action,less squeeze is required to maintain an effective seal.The reduction in squeeze means less friction and wear which will increase service life and reduce maintenance costs.
Very good sealing efficiency. Due to an improved pressure profile over the X-Ring cross-section, a high sealing effect is achieved.

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X- Ring Seal


The X-RING fits into grooves designed for an o-ring so there should be limited problems retrofitting the seal.
Unlike an O-Ring, the mould line flash lies in the trough, between and away from the critical sealing lips.

The star seal ring is four lip seal, shape similar to X, so it is also known as X ring, it is on the basis of the O-ring and made improvement and improvement, its section size is the same as the O-ring, basically can replace the use of the O-ring.
Star rings are used in a wide range of applications, depending on the temperature, pressure, and medium selection of appropriate materials. In order to adapt the star ring to a given application, the mutual constraints between all operating parameters should be considered.
In determining the range of application, it is necessary to take into account the peak temperature, the continuous operating temperature and the operating period, and in the case of rotation, the temperature rise due to friction heat must also be considered.

Action mechanism: The star seal ring is a kind of self-tight sealing type of double acting sealing element, the radial and axial force depends on the pressure of the system, with the rise of pressure, the compression deformation of the star seal ring will increase, the total sealing force with the improvement, so as to form a reliable seal.

Product Advantages
Compared with the O-ring, the star ring has less friction resistance and starts the resistance due to the formation of a lubricating cavity between the sealing lip. Because its flying edge position in the concave section, so the sealing effect is better. Non - circular section, effectively avoid the rolling phenomenon during reciprocating motion.

Technical Details















Ø – Range Pressure Range Temp Range Velocity
0~1000  ≤100 bar -55~+260℃  0

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