Rod seals ES are axial preload seals

Product Advantages:

For different liquid and temperature range, but by choosing to know when the material to control.
By changing or adjusting the axial preload (slot or ring head screw) can adapt to special working conditions.
Due to the stability of forming, it is not sensitive to high pressure peak.
Compared with single seal, the pollution of the medium and the slightly damaged sliding surface is not sensitive.
Due to the contact area and there are several sealing lip, it has excellent sealing performance.
Seals can be cut to facilitate installation. Therefore, in the case of maintenance or repair, there is no need to remove the cylinder completely.

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rod seals chevron seal  FES 4 (1)


ES type piston rod seals have 5 V-rings (3 fabric reinforced seals, 2 rubber seals), 1 support ring and 1 retainer ring. The supporting ring can be made of hard fabric material or plastic, and the retaining ring can only be made of hard fabric.
For rod diameters 80mm and larger, we supply assemblies with 4 fabric reinforced V-ring seals and 1 rubber seal, and for rod diameters 140mm and larger, we supply assemblies with 5 fabric reinforced V-ring seals.

V-ring seal has radial preloading, so that the seal lip and inner and outer diameters have close contact, so as to get good sealing performance with low friction. The working pressure can effectively make the sealing and the mating surface between the tight match. Adjustable grooves (ring head screws or slots) are used to achieve the best fit of relevant friction and sealing properties. Thanks to this adjusting device, the seals can have a longer working life.

Technical Details















Ø – Range Pressure Range Temp Range Velocity
10~1500  ≤500 bar  -40~+200℃ ≤0.5m/s

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