Rod seals M1 are single acting reciprocating seals

Product Advantages:

Rod seals M1 is suitable for sealing ring with axial moving piston rod, cavity groove can be exchanged with O-ring cavity groove.

Resistant to harsh media and extreme temperatures
Good dry friction characteristics
Static and dynamic friction values are low

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rod seals chevron seal  FES 4 (1)


Hot water valve, accumulator, used in food industry, medicine industry, chemical industry hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic cylinder.

M1 piston rod seal is a kind of reciprocating motion seal which can be used for both external and internal sealing. This seal can be suitable for harsh working conditions, but also to meet the requirements of some special media. The M1 piston rod seal is a single-acting seal consisting of a U-shaped housing and a V-shaped corrosion resistant spring.
Its contour shape is asymmetric, and its seal working lip has the best short and thick characteristics, thus reducing friction and extending life. At low and zero pressure, a metal spring provides the initial sealing force. When the system pressure goes up
When high, the main sealing force is formed by the system pressure, so as to ensure reliable sealing from zero pressure to high pressure.
M1 piston rod seals can be used in general hydraulic systems, as well as in a wide range of other industrial applications, such as chemical, pharmaceutical and food, due to the good adaptability of seals and springs to the corresponding materials.
M1 piston rod seal in order to sterilize it, and provides a clean seal, the spring cavity is filled with silica gel, to prevent contamination to enter. It can also be in media such as mud, suspension or binder
Work, can prevent sand and gravel into the sealing chamber affect the spring work.

Can be used for reciprocating and rotating motion
Suitable for most fluids and chemicals
Small coefficient of friction
It doesn't crawl when it's under precise control
Strong anticorrosion ability and good dimensional stability
Can withstand sharp temperature changes
It will not contaminate food and pharmaceutical liquids
It can be sterilized
Infinite storage life

Technical Details















Ø – Range Pressure Range Temp Range Velocity
1~5000  ≤450 bar -70℃~+260℃ ≤ 1.5 m/s

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